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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What to expect on my first massage session?
Initial Treatmentsare 75 minutes long. It includes a 15-20 minute period for intake and assessment of the condition. During this time your therapist will discuss with you a plan of action for treatment and maintenance.
  • What to expect on subsequent massage sessions?
  • Subesquent treatments are preceeded by a quick follow up regarding current concerns and a couple assessments are performed if necessary. Treatments then follow the plan previously discussed unless otherwise changes have been made to the treatment plan.
  • What to expect After a Therapeutic or Hot Stone Massage?
  • Sometime many people experience delayed muscle soreness in areas that there was focused work.
    A local application to that area is recommended using a heating pad that provides deep moist heat. The heat should be removed after 10-15 minutes can can be reapplied for another 10-15 minutes. Usually the soreness may last upto 2 days. In addition because of the direct heat application, an individual may experience less muscle soreness with the Hot Stone treatment.
    • What is Cupping Massage?
    The technique known as Cupping, Fire Cupping, or Body Vacuuming, was an ancient Chinese healing practice. The ancient way was to create a vacuum in a cup made of horn, bamboo, glass, or metal, by burning a combustible (like moxa, or alcohol) inside it, then quickly applying the cup to the skin, allowing the force of the vacuum to draw up the underlying tissue. When that is done, the body surface extends into the cup, and there is usually a reddening of the area under pressure. Sometimes massage oils or aromatherapy essences were also used. Applied to significant acupuncture points, cupping was respected as a way to stimulate the flow of Chi, similarly to massage, and acupressure.
    Suction cupping relaxes muscles while exerting negative (suction) pressure on the surface of the body. The effects are similar to those of massage: increased bloodflow to local areas and pressure to relax muscle tissues.
  • What is Shiatsu Massage/Therapy?
  • Shiatsu therapy is a unique, non-invasive manual therapy from Japan that stimulates the body's inherent ability to heal itself. Literally translated, the word shiatsu means "finger pressure." The therapy involves the systematic application of pressure, using the thumbs primarily, to different points on the soft tissues of the body in order to assess and treat a variety of conditions. Shiatsu treatments have a regulatory influence on the body's autonomic nervous system, thereby improving organ function and reducing muscle tension
    • How is corporate massage done?
    At the request of your company's HR/ Management between 1 and 3 therapist will be available  at your workplace on a given occasion. Corporate onsite treatments are done over the clothes and without lotion. Usually a chair and table are provided and treatment sessions are between 15-30 mins long.
  • What are the side effects of Acupuncture?
  • There may may be minimal bleeding and the potential to bruise at the insertion points.